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Special Ops Force

Premier :: 1997-09-01

on Syndicated

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In a world where there are few obvious "black hats" but many shades of gray, where governments engage in secret wars and espionage that threatens the security of every individual and nation on the planet, a group of… More highly trained covert military and intelligence operatives have joined forces to become SOLDIER OF FORTUNE, INC, an elite fighting unit. Led by retired Army Special Forces Major Matt Shepherd, SoF goes where the government cannot and will not openly venture, to protect national and international interests and to maintain the balance of power. During the show's first season it was called Soldier of Fortune, Inc., but when it returned for a second, retooled season, the series was renamed SoF: Special Ops

Latest Episode

Series 2 - Episode 17 - Reasonable Doubts
Aired - 22 May 1999

Episode summary:

A high level mole in the Pentagon has been passing on top secret info and compromising missions. They have also managed to place enough evidence to prove that it is Trout who is the mole. Trout comes out of hiding to ask Matt if he and the team could help clear him and find the real mole. When they manage to capture a woman who could be the real mole she tells Shepherd and the rest of the team that Trout has been using them for his own agenda and not on government authorized missions. They are divided over whom they believe, could this be the end of the Special Ops Force?

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+ Series 2

+ Episode - 16 The Vestige Aired - 15 May 1999
+ Episode - 13 Critical List Aired - 27 February 1999
+ Episode - 11 Figure Eight Aired - 13 February 1999
+ Episode - 10 Tethered Goat Aired - 06 February 1999
+ Episode - 9 Charade Aired - 21 November 1998
+ Episode - 8 Hide and Seek Aired - 14 November 1998
+ Episode - 7 Iraq and Roll Aired - 07 November 1998
+ Episode - 6 Trade Off Aired - 31 October 1998
+ Episode - 5 A Walk in the Park Aired - 24 October 1998
+ Episode - 4 Party Girl Aired - 17 October 1998
+ Episode - 3 Spyder's Web Aired - 10 October 1998
+ Episode - 2 Who's Who Aired - 03 October 1998
+ Episode - 1 Wild Card Aired - 26 September 1998

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