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Addicted to Money

Premier :: 2009-10-06

on ABC

Genre :: Documentary

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Irish Economist David McWilliams investigates the causes of the Economic crisis arising from the last decade.

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Series 1 - Episode 1 - Who killed the Economy
Aired - Air date unknown.

Episode summary:

David McWilliams, economist and globetrotter undertakes his own personal investigation to uncover who is responsible for the Global Financial Crisis. Along the way he assembles clues and discovers evidence of a drugs syndicate in this economic underworld. The drug is ‘easy credit’ and the story is about the global addiction to the euphoric yet addictive side effects of credit; the seduction of spending, the enormous money to be made pushing the drug and the global crime gangs, which emerged in the boom to fight for control over the supply of credit. From shoppers to bankers, regulators and politicians, McWilliams investigates all facets of the scandal –using the classic plot of a “who done it” thriller. Suspense, false leads, bent cops, low-level corruption, and dreadful laziness at the top lead us to the answer of Who Killed the Economy?

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