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Living with the Amish

Premier :: 2011-11-24

Airs :: Thursday 9:00 PM on Channel 4

Genre :: Documentary

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Living with the Amish follows a group of British teenagers as they live with the private Amish community who open their doors for the first time. The teenagers have to leave their mobile phones, Facebook accounts and partying behind, as they travel to Ohio and Pennsylvania to learn about hard work and living the simple life.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 6 - Episode 6
Aired - 29 December 2011

Episode summary:

In this final episode the teenagers stay with some Amish rebels who are deciding whether or not to leave the Schwartzentruber church - the strictest and most secretive of all Amish groups. Schwartzentrubers wear the plainest clothes of all the Amish, and as well as not having electricity in their homes, they don't have running water or indoor plumbing. The boys camp out in the woods with some young Schwartzentruber men who are being shunned by their church for wanting to bring in a new piece of machinery for their sawmill. The girls stay with Becky, who was brought up Schwartzentruber, but has made the momentous decision to leave. While Becky and her cousins try to negotiate a course between the Amish values they grew up with and the 21st-century America all around them, the British teenagers find that they are becoming more Amish. As the time approaches for them to return to Britain, how has the experience changed them?

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