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The Pitts

Premier :: 2003-03-01

on FOX

Genre :: Comedy

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Welcome to The Pitts guide at TV Tome.<br><br> The Pitts is brought to you by former writers/producers- Mike Scully & Julie Thacker- of The Simpsons. <br><br> From FOX.com: THE PITTS -- "Life is a bowl full of cherries, but you can't have the cherries without the Pitts". What must life be like for The Pitts? Psychotic nannies trying to steal your family...zombie Indians who want your house off their sacred burial ground...dinosaurs who ruin your island vacation... These are the types of problems faced every week by the world's most disaster-prone family, THE PITTS. The Pitts are an average American family, dealing with life's little problems -- but when you're a Pitt, there's no such thing as a little problem. Bob Pitt (Dylan Baker), is a good-natured guy who thinks his family just has a little more bad luck than most -- like the Kennedys without the great looks or the millions of dollars. No matter what horrible tragedy befalls the family, Bob figures things could always be worse. E

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 4 - Dummy and Dummier
Aired - 20 April 2003

Episode summary:

It's nearing time for Petey's birthday party, and he wants to go to Birthdays, Inc. to have more fun, convinced that any party Bob and Liz throw will suck. It does. Laser tag with flashlights, Dirt Bikes: The Board Game, and Liz won't let them watch a bootlegged copy of Spider-Man 2. When all the guests try to leave, Bob goes downstairs to the basement and retreives Morty, an old living, talking dummy who's holding a grudge against Bob for leaving him there in the basement for 30 years. Later he takes over the Pitts house and throws them out, and it's up to them (and a beaver) to get their home back.

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+ Series 1

+ Episode - 7 Bob's New Heart Aired - Air date unknown.
+ Episode - 6 Ticket to Riot Aired - Air date unknown.
+ Episode - 3 Squarewolves Aired - 13 April 2003
+ Episode - 2 A Bug's Wife Aired - 06 April 2003
+ Episode - 1 Pilot Aired - 30 March 2003

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