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South Park

Premier :: 1997-08-01

Airs :: Wednesday 10:00 PM on Comedy Central

Genre :: Animation

South Park poster
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South Park is an animated American television comedy series famous for its off-color humor, pop culture parody, and biting satire covering a wide range of topics.2 It originated as a short film created by college students Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who later developed the series and continue to do most of the writing, directing, and voice acting. The plot revolves around four boys – Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny – who live in the fictional mountain town of South Park, Colorado. The show has received many awards, including three Emmys for Outstanding Animated Program. Comedy Central has aired a total of 181 episodes since the show's debut in 1997. Doug Herzog, who brought South Park to the network, credits the show's strong ratings for putting Comedy Central "on the map".3 The twelfth season concluded in November 2008, and the thirteenth season will premiere on March 11th 2009.4 Parker and Stone are under contract to produce new episodes through 2011.3

Latest Episode

Series 18 - Episode 10 - #HappyHolograms
Aired - 10 December 2014

Episode summary:

Still burning over Ike calling him a Grandpa, Kyle teams up with some heavy hitters in the entertainment industry to create the most extravagant televised Holiday Spectacular ever. He’s sure that this event will be just the thing to bring families together again. Meanwhile, multiple holograms are still on the loose in South Park.

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+ Series 18

+ Episode - 10 #HappyHolograms Aired - 10 December 2014
+ Episode - 9 #REHASH Aired - 03 December 2014
+ Episode - 8 Cock Magic Aired - 19 November 2014
+ Episode - 7 Grounded Vindaloop Aired - 12 November 2014
+ Episode - 6 Freemium Isn't Free Aired - 05 November 2014
+ Episode - 5 The Magic Bush Aired - 29 October 2014
+ Episode - 4 Handicar Aired - 15 October 2014
+ Episode - 3 The Cissy Aired - 08 October 2014
+ Episode - 2 Gluten Free Ebola Aired - 01 October 2014
+ Episode - 1 Go Fund Yourself Aired - 24 September 2014
+ Episode - 0 Aired - Air date unknown.

South Park Cast List

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Written by :- harryjnr Date added 2011-07-27 00:00:00 View more South Park.
A South Park news item imageComedy Central has just announced the return to the second half of South Park’s 15th season. It has been confirmed that the animated series will return on the 5th October at 10pm. Comedy Central has also put the fears of many South Park fan’s to rest as the show has signed on for another 2 years. There was a lot of debate on whether Trey Parker and Matt Stone hanging up their writing ...read more
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South Park Reviews

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Written by :- JeromeWetzelTV Date added 2013-09-26 00:00:00 View more South Park.
A South Park reviews item imageComedy Central's South Park is an enduring cultural touchstone. While it is not the longest-running animated series for adults on television, it does hold second place, beginning it's seventeenth season last night with "Let Go, Let Gov." The advantage South Park has over its older peer, The Simpsons, though, is instead of getting stale midway through its run, South Park still continues to deliver ...read more
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