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Premier :: 2000-10-15

on BBC One

Genre :: Documentary

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Superhuman will take viewers into a world of bionic bodies, robotic surgeons, animal transplants and designer babies and includes incredible graphics which will allow the viewer to witness cutting edge footage such as medical teams undertaking implants and transplants and the body under various forms of attack - from a rampaging cancer tumour to a 70 mph car crash.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 6 - The Baby Builders
Aired - 19 November 2000

Episode summary:

Inherited genetic diseases are the second most common reason why babies die but people who carry defective genes, such as the ones that cause cystic fibrosis, are being helped by a technique called PGD - pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. This involves growing embryos in the lab, screening them for cystic fibrosis before placing one in the womb. The programme also explores ways in which eggs can be grown outside the body which could help an enormous group of people such as cancer patients who want to avoid exposing their eggs to chemotherapy. Genetic diseases might also be prevented by the genetic engineering of sperm - an idea that Professor Lord Winston discusses.

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+ Series 1

+ Episode - 6 The Baby Builders Aired - 19 November 2000
+ Episode - 5 Killers Into Cures Aired - 12 November 2000
+ Episode - 4 The Enemy Within Aired - 05 November 2000
+ Episode - 3 Self Repair Aired - 29 October 2000
+ Episode - 2 Spare Parts Aired - 22 October 2000
+ Episode - 1 Trauma Aired - 15 October 2000

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