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The Story of God

Premier :: 2005-04-12

on BBC One

Genre :: Documentary

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The Story of God is a three-part video series produced by Dangerous Films featuring the physician Professor Lord Winston. The series explores the origins of religion, focusing on the three Abrahamic faiths, and discusses belief in God in a scientific age. The series included a number of interviews with scientists including Dean Hamer, atheist Richard Dawkins, and members of the CERN programme. [Credit: Wikipedia]

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 3 - The God of the Gaps
Aired - 18 December 2005

Episode summary:

The last episode is focusing on the struggle between science and religion. Galileo Galilei discovered that his observations contradicted the Bible and in the middle of 19 century Darwin pushed back the God with his theory of evolution. Robert Winston meets Richard Dawkins and Dean Hamer who claimed that he found God gene (VMAT2). Then he visits a creationist museum and debates the creationist Ken Ham in a radio show. The episode ends at the CERN laboratory. [Credit: Atheist Movies]

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