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Sam & Max: Freelance Police

Premier :: 1997-10-04

on FOX

Genre :: Action

Sam & Max: Freelance Police poster


Sam and Max is about a dog and a rabbity thing. That's what you would think when you first see it. Then you would notice that the dog is six feet tall and dresses like a Canine Columbo. You would also take note that the rabbit is 3 feet tall and wears nothing but a manic grin. These bizarre creatures are Sam and Max, the Freelance Police. Getting their orders in the form of brief, cryptic phone calls from the Commissioner, a man who they have never met but is the duo's only contact with any real government agency, Sam and Max battle evil villains everywhere from the moon to the past to their back yard. They are assisted by The Geek, a teenage genius who lives in Sam and Max's Sub-Basement of Solitude. Throughout all of their battles and quests, Sam and Max's own style of humor, although zany and weird, allows them to make it in what they do.

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