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The Donut Man

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The Donut Man (played by Rob Evans), is a children's songwriter and performer known for his many sing-along audio and video tapes produced with Integrity Music. His DVDs have received six gold and two platinum sales(!) awards from the RIAA. He is called the Donut Man in reference to one of his first songs that included the line "Life without Jesus is like a donut; there's a hole in the middle of your heart". He continues to celebrate his deep love of scripture and evangelization by singing in churches as a children's Bible story songsmith, presenting concerts to children and families. His clever and enormously popular first-person songs put us in the shoes of the sower, the lion in Daniel's den, and the mustard seed of faith, to name just a few examples. The Donut Man's sidekick is Duncan the Donut (a foam donut puppet built by professional puppet company Axtell Expressions, whose creator Steve Axtell puppeteers and voices Duncan). He also commends Scripture songs to children and parents who love Sacraments. He presents Bible-based songs that celebrate Baptism, the Power of Pentecost, Communion as the ultimate Thanksgiving, Marriage and the gift of Celibacy as the foundation of Community, the power and freedom that the confession of sins brings, and the power that Christ has to heal us: All with songs that a child can enjoy and understand. Some say that rich Sacramental experiences have been buried by 'cultural Catholicism'. Rob Evans is dedicated to singing his children's songs in a way that Jesus Christ and the history of redemption is amplified and explained by Scripture and Song. His classic song summarizes his position: 'HiYa HiYa, Lift Jesus Hiya!'

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