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My Forced Unwanted Wedding

Premier :: 2011-09-19

Tv Show no longer running.

Genre :: Documentary

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At least 8,000 British young people faced being forced into marriage every year. This documentary follows British teenagers-Alia who has already been forced into marriage and Jessie who faces an arranged marriage in Bangladesh. Two years in the making, the film observes first-hand how two young girls cope with the enourmous pressure from family expecting them to marry not for love, but for the sake of honour and the community.

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Written by :- Stacey McEvoy Date added 2011-09-20 00:00:00 View more My Forced Unwanted Wedding.
A My Forced Unwanted Wedding reviews item imageThis insightful documentary takes a look at arranged marriages, a practice which involves 8,000 British young people every year. The programme tackles the issue of forced marriages and focuses on the stories of two young teenagers-Alia and Jessie. The documentary begins in Bangladesh, where the British Consulate has received a phone call from a distressed young girl called Jessie, who is being fo...read more
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