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Last Man Standing (2011)

Premier :: 2011-10-11

Airs :: Friday 8:00 PM on ABC

Genre :: Comedy

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LAST MAN STANDING (formerly TIM): Men may have built civilizations, invented the locomotive, the car, bacon western cheeseburgers, and ESPN, but they're about to find out that it's not a man's world anymore. Tim Allen is back in the most hotly anticipated comedy of the season, Tim. You can't get manlier than Tim. He works for an outdoor sporting goods store, drives a truck, and drinks beer. Unfortunately for Tim, being a guy isn't where it's at anymore. Modern day women are bringing their A-game. They're outperforming men in every area - school, work, and home. Tim is completely secure in his manhood, but he's about to discover that he's got some serious competition. Tim's wife Vanessa is a former stay-at-home-mom who is now a bigwig with a recent promotion to Vice President. His twenty-two-year-old daughter Kristin works multiple jobs to save up for a house. Meanwhile, his slacker son Howie just plays videogames and can't keep up at school. Even when Tim puts his best foot forward, he usually ends up stepping in it. His dating advice to his youngest daughter Eve results in her accidently putting her crush in the hospital, and his attempt to help Howie at school gets him put in "special" classes. With Tim's boss retiring and promoting Tim to President of his sporting goods company, Tim is up for the challenge. But when his boss hires his niece to be the company's new CEO, will Tim be man enough to deal with a young, female supervisor?

Latest Episode

Series 4 - Episode 22 - Daddy Dearest
Aired - 17 April 2015

Episode summary:

When Mike and Ed take Ryan and his supposedly-ailing dad, Victor, on their hunting trip, Victor admits he wasn't truthful about his reasons for finally coming to see Ryan. Meanwhile, Vanessa scrambles to get more family members to attend Ryan and Kristin's wedding.

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+ Series 4

+ Episode - 22 Daddy Dearest Aired - 17 April 2015
+ Episode - 18 Mandy's Party Aired - 13 March 2015
+ Episode - 17 Kyle's Friend Aired - 27 February 2015
+ Episode - 16 Three Sundays Aired - 20 February 2015
+ Episode - 15 Big Brother Aired - 06 February 2015
+ Episode - 14 Eve's Breakup Aired - 30 January 2015
+ Episode - 13 Mike Hires Chuck Aired - 16 January 2015
+ Episode - 12 Helen Potts Aired - 09 January 2015
+ Episode - 11 Wedding Planning Aired - 12 December 2014
+ Episode - 10 Outdoor Man Grill Aired - 05 December 2014
+ Episode - 9 Changing Light Bulbs Aired - 21 November 2014
+ Episode - 8 Risky Behavior Aired - 14 November 2014
+ Episode - 7 Big Shots Aired - 07 November 2014
+ Episode - 6 Mike Advises Mandy Aired - 31 October 2014
+ Episode - 5 School Merger Aired - 24 October 2014
+ Episode - 4 Sinkhole Aired - 17 October 2014
+ Episode - 3 Rediscover America Aired - 10 October 2014
+ Episode - 2 War Games Aired - 03 October 2014
+ Episode - 1 Here's the Kicker Aired - 03 October 2014

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Written by :- JeromeWetzelTV Date added 2012-11-05 00:00:00 View more Last Man Standing (2011).
A Last Man Standing (2011) reviews item imageAfter suffering through a number of episodes of season one of ABC's Last Man Standing, waiting for something to change, I finally gave up on the hope that it might get good. Still, Tim Allen has significant sitcom chops, and so I was curious enough to check back in on the premiere of season two to see if it had gotten any better. It has not. The problem is just a severe lack of funny. There are ...read more
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