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Royal Navy Submarine Mission

Premier :: 2011-05-09

Airs :: Monday 20:00 on Five

Genre :: Documentary

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Royal Navy: Submarine Mission is a documentary series which follows the crew on the hunter-killer class submarine HMS Turbulent. Captain Ryan Ramsey and his 130 crew are getting ready for a mission that will see them stay underwater for 100 days as they patrol the pirate-infested waters surrounding the Horn of Africa. The uprising in Libyan though means the submarine is forced to plot a new course towards Tripoli, where the crew will have to protect civilians caught up in the conflict.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 2 - Action Stations
Aired - 09 December 2011

Episode summary:

As Libyan rebels take up arms against the Gaddafi regime, the Turbulent has been diverted to join the NATO operation off the country's coast. The crew must be ready to fire her Tomahawk missiles at any time but there are problems on board - first a sewage leak, then a mission-threatening mechanical failure. Meanwhile, young submariner Buster is in trouble again and Richard awaits the captain's verdict on his leadership skills.

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+ Series 1

+ Episode - 3 Chasing the Enemy Aired - 19 September 2011
+ Episode - 2 Action Stations Aired - 09 December 2011
+ Episode - 1 The Mission Aired - 30 April 2011

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