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American Paranormal

Premier :: 2010-01-24

Airs :: Sunday 8 PM on National Geographic

Genre :: Action and Adventure

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Whether it is the existence of aliens, the possibility of life after death, or sightings of strange creatures, the lure of the unknown has always been irresistible. Now, using the latest scientific techniques, this series seeks to ascertain whether these strange occurrences, myths and startling phenomena are merely illusions or actually real. Each episode highlights one topic, including: Bigfoot, one of America's most-sighted-but-never-seen beings; the Eastern State Penitentiary, one of America's most haunted locations; and a possible UFO Invasion on March 13, 1997 in Nevada and Arizona.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 1 - Bigfoot
Aired - 24 January 2010

Episode summary:

Sasquatch. The Wild Man. Bigfoot. Believers in the massive creature claim he's half man, half primate and roams the Pacific Northwest. Join a team of experts as they use advanced scientific analysis to investigate the phenomenon to reveal what's science, and what's science fiction. Follow along as we break down one of the most controversial pieces of evidence... a 40-year-old film that many believe is actual video of the apelike being.

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+ Series 1

+ Episode - 3 UFOs over Phoenix Aired - Air date unknown.
+ Episode - 2 Haunted Prison Aired - 24 January 2010
+ Episode - 1 Bigfoot Aired - 24 January 2010

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