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The Alps - Realm of the Golden Eagle

Premier :: 2002-01-01

Tv Show no longer running.


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Nature Documentary hosted by Andrew Golder. 1.200 kilometres of massive chains of rock form the most famous mountain range in the world. Rising from the sea at Nice, reaching tens of thousands of peaks, the Alps fade away again to the south of Vienna. In between, stretching out in a wide curve, is a fascinating world - familiar with it's legendary summits, surprising in it's natural diversity. Following more than 5 years of production and with opulent use of time lapse cameras, aerials and specialised film equipment, a completely new view of the Alps has emerged with peaks reaching for the Heavens but yet with still secrets. This series was the winner at several wildlife film festivals around the world.

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Series 0 - Episode 1 - Legacy of the Ice Age
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Several ice ages have not only radically reshaped the peaks and valleys of the Alps, they hace also changed wildlife. A few species have survived from before the last glacial period, but most of today\ufffd classic Alpine animals and plants have immigrated from the east and the north of Europe where cold cols conditions had defined limits of life. Ibex and chamoix have come from the Himalayas, marmots from Siberia, mountain hares from beyond the polar circle. After the ice age, the receding ice cut off their way back. Cold-loving species like the mountain hare and the ptarmigan were forced to permanently colonize the higher regions of the Alps and to remain, until this day, on the arctic island in the very heart of a climatically moderate Europe.

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