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God In America

Premier :: 2010-10-11

on PBS

Genre :: Documentary

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God in America explores the tumultuous 400-year history of the intersection of religion and public life in America, from the first European settlements to the 2008 presidential election. This series examines how religious dissidents helped shape the American concept of religious liberty and the controversial evolution of that ideal in the nation's courts and political arena; how religious freedom and waves of new immigrants and religious revivals fueled competition in the religious marketplace; how movements for social reform -- from abolition to civil rights -- galvanized men and women to put their faith into political action; and how religious faith influenced conflicts from the American Revolution to the Cold War.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 5 - Soul of a Nation
Aired - 13 October 2010

Episode summary:

Hour Five explores the post-World War II era, when rising evangelist Billy Graham tried to inspire a religious revival that fused faith with patriotism in a Cold War battle with "godless communism." As Americans flocked in record numbers to houses of worship, non-believers and religious minorities appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court to test the constitutionality of religious expression in public schools. And civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. emerged as a modern-day prophet, calling upon the nation to honor both biblical teachings and the founders' democratic ideals of equal justice.

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+ Series 1

+ Episode - 6 Of God and Caesar Aired - 13 October 2010
+ Episode - 5 Soul of a Nation Aired - 13 October 2010
+ Episode - 4 A New Light Aired - 12 October 2010
+ Episode - 3 A Nation Reborn Aired - 12 October 2010
+ Episode - 2 A New Eden Aired - 11 October 2010
+ Episode - 1 A New Adam Aired - 11 October 2010

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