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The Clangers

Premier :: 1969-11-16

on BBC One

Genre :: Animation

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The Clangers are strange, long-nosed, pink, woolly creatures that live inside a small blue planet, which lies far, far away in space.Under the dustbin-lidded craters that cover the planet's surface is the cave system where the these strange yet cuddly extraterrestrials live. They share their world with the bizarre Soup Dragon, who lives in a soup well and provides them with their staple diet of green soup and blue string pudding; the Glow Buzzers, which supply light and tasty glow honey; and the tiny orange Froglets, magical creatures that live inside a travelling top-hat. Other beings encountered by the Clangers are the Iron Chicken, originally found in pieces and who, once reconstructed by the little planet's inhabitants, now lives in a nest in the sky; the large, odd, blue-skinned Skymoos; and the water-providing Cloud.

Latest Episode

Series 0 - Episode 1 - Vote For Froglet
Aired - 10 October 1974

Episode summary:

There’s one episode called ‘Vote For Froglet’, which I’ve never seen. And you won’t! It doesn’t exist [any more]. I was so angry in 1973, the Winter of Discontent, when the Miners Union and the government were locked in mortal combat and the economy of the country was going into the ground, that I honestly thought, having been in Germany at the end of the War and seen what happened when an economy collapsed completely, I really got frightened, I thought the process of government was completely buggered by inter-party squabbling. So I went to the BBC and said, “Can I do a little Clangers film about the election?” It’s basically about the narrator, that’s me, being the interlocutor as well, telling the Clangers that they’ve got to vote, either for the Froglet or for the Soup Dragon. And they refused point blank to have anything to do with it. It was a sort of tiny morality play really. It only lasted three to four minutes and I made it complete in three days

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+ Series 2

+ Episode - 12 Pipe Organ Aired - 03 November 1972
+ Episode - 11 The Blow-Fruit Aired - 27 October 1972
+ Episode - 10 Bags Aired - 13 October 1972
+ Episode - 9 Pride Aired - 13 June 1971
+ Episode - 8 The Seed Aired - 06 June 1971
+ Episode - 6 The Egg Aired - 23 May 1971
+ Episode - 5 The Cloud Aired - 16 May 1971
+ Episode - 4 The Teapot Aired - 09 May 1971
+ Episode - 3 Glow-Honey Aired - 02 May 1971
+ Episode - 1 The Tablecloth Aired - 18 April 1971

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