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Cheap Seats

Premier :: 2004-02-04

Airs :: Monday 10:00 PM on ESPN Classic

Genre :: Comedy

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In a day where everyone is focused on special effects and cashing in on following popular trends, it is nice to see a comedy that focuses on one thing”being funny. Randy and Jason Sklar bring their form of off-brand humor and satirical comedy to a show that they were destined to be a part of. Randy and Jason took the format made popular by Mystery Science Theatre 3000 to make fun of something we love even more than bad science fiction movies, and that's gimmick sporting events. The guys sit back in the "cheap seats" and rag on everything from the rodeos to bowling, poker to putt-putt golf, and they do it in a way that keeps us laughing with their slick wit and obscure references. I mean, where else can you expect to hear about Hannibal Lecter at a Spelling Bee or Rick Fox at a Cheerleading Competition? The only thing holding this show back is its limited exposure. Being on ESPN Classic (which is usually only available by satellite or digital cable) certainly shrinks what woul

Latest Episode

Series 2 - Episode 7 - Rodeo
Aired - 18 April 2014

Episode summary:

This one's got it all. The return of Pam Minick, heroic rodeo clowns, $2000 belt buckles, ten gallon hats, ten-inch long mustaches, and the shameless celebration of animal cruelty. It's the 1988 Finals Rodeo and it is on!

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