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The Jury

Premier :: 2002-02-17

on ITV

Genre :: Drama

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The killing of a 15-year-old-boy rocks the nation, as a Sikh classmate of the boy's is charged with the murder. The trial, which is framed by protests and media speculation, brings together 12 jurors who find themselves having to make a decision that the entire country is waiting for. The jurors include: Charles, a young man who has left the seminary to search for his lost love; Elsie, an old lonely woman who is dying; Johnny, a recovering alcoholic; Rose, a beautiful woman whose husband is paranoid in the aftermath of a car accident; Jeremy, a once-wealthy family man who lost all his money when conned by a friend in a bad investment; Peter, who wants to be a good and impartial juror at the trial but is besieged by his wife's parents, who want to get involved; and Marcia, a single mother who is forced to let her mother back into her life during the trial. The victim, John Maher, was stabbed twenty-eight times on his way to school one morning. His classmate, Duvinder Singh, is accused.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 6 - Episode 6
Aired - 24 March 2002

Episode summary:

Johnny slips back into drinking; Marcia befriends her mother; the jurors re-enact the crime and each person's individual experiences and prejudices begin to come through; Peter finally speaks out in Duvinder's defence and, when the judge is willing to accept a 10-2 vote, Rose becomes the key between guilty and not-guilty: she finally votes not-guilty. After the verdict is read, Peter's father-in-law tells him that there is a part of the river that he found out was never searched and the evidence could still be there. Peter refuses to listen. Johnny and Rose kiss, but admit that they need more time before they can start a relationship. As the Singh family leave the country, John Maher's father goes to the airport with a gun to kill him but instead kills himself. Jeremy pulls out of the stock at the last minute, only for it to go sailing high. Peter, beginning to fear his father-in-law was right, goes to the river to try and find the evidence but cannot. Six months later, the jurors reunite for Elsie's funeral at which Charles, now a priest, reads the last rites. Johnny and Rose agree to get together. Peter says goodbye to them with a pained look on his face, now uncertain as to whether Duvinder Singh was guilty or innocent.

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