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Phoenix (1992)

Premier :: 1992-02-01

on ABC

Genre :: Crime

Phoenix (1992) poster


A hard-edged, gritty drama about the tense and claustrophobic world of a Major Crime task force set up to solve an urban terrorist bombing, a task force which brings together a crew of idiosyncratic, competitive characters over a knife-edged, maximum stressed year-long investigation. PHOENIX is no traditional crime story. Its characters are not clean, super hero cops, just real police whose attitudes can be shocking and whose humour is grim and black.

Latest Episode

Series 2 - Episode 13 - Hit, Shit, & Scatter
Aired - 03 June 1993

Episode summary:

The Final Curtain. The Majors employ a daring plan to flush out the missing drugs. Knowing he is dealing with increasingly desperate criminals, Peter Faithful is forced to rely on Chris' dangerous relationship with Sergio as bait for his trap. Finally Flannagan makes his move - and the raids begin. Sergio and Flannagan are scooped red handed but the criminal mastermind cunningly slips the net. As the bitterly disappointed detectives plan to track down this last crook, they are stunned by Jock Brennan's announcement that their squad has been disbanded. While a jubilant Ian uncovers the mystery that has plagued forensic from the first aggravated burglary, Peter and his crew are scattered to far sections of the police force. The Major Crime Squad is no more!

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