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The Jewel in the Crown - Series 1
Episode 4 - Incidents at a Wedding

Aired - 24 January 1984

Episode summary:

The Layton family has traveled to Mirat but the wedding plans are in disarray. Susan is quite naturally on edge and her aunt Fenny's flitting about doesn't help the situation. Teddy Bingham's best man is unavailable and Ronald Merrick volunteers himself for the job. He doesn't tell anyone that he continues to receive subtle forms of harassment and reminders of his handling of the Manners case and the men who were imprisoned. It all comes out however when someone throws a stone at the car carrying Teddy and Merrick to the chapel. The fiasco continues when the Nawab of Mirat, an invited guest, is refused entry to the club. Susan saves the day however. At the wedding reception, the Maharajah's senior advisor, Count Bronowski and his social secretary, Ahmed Kasim, make an impression on Sarah and Merrick.

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