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The Jewel in the Crown - Series 1
Episode 3 - Questions of Loyalty

Aired - 17 January 1984

Episode summary:

Daphne Manners dies during childbirth and the baby is now in the care of her aunt, Lady Manners. The whole Manners case is the talk of the British community and while holidaying on a houseboat in Kashmir, Sarah Layton decides to call and pay her respects to Lady Manners who is staying nearby. Sarah's mother just can't be bothered with the niceties and her younger sister Susan is only concerned about her forthcoming marriage to Captain Teddy Bingham, currently posted in Mirat. Sarah's father is a Colonel currently interned in a Nazi prisoner of war camp. When Teddy obtains 72 hours leave to get married, he suggests to Susan that her family travel to Mirat and have the wedding there. Teddy is also sharing quarters with a new arrival, someone who is an expert on the Indian National Army, prisoners of war who are now fighting for the enemy. That roommate is Captain Ronald Merrick who has transferred from the police for the duration of the war. His past has followed him however when he finds a damaged bicycle at the entrance to his quarters.

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