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The Jewel in the Crown - Series 1
Episode 11 - Travelling Companions

Aired - 13 March 1984

Episode summary:

Sarah and her father return to Pankot and attempt to resume their normal lives. The Colonel is still worried about the well-being of his Havildar and has written the Governor seeking his assistance in the matter. With Sgt. Guy Peron in tow Ronald Merrick - now a Lieutenant Colonel - is traveling to Pankot to inform Colonel Layton that the Havildar has taken his own life. Peron is reunited with another old school friend, Nigel Rowan who is also enroute to Pankot to meet with Mohammed Ali Kassim - MAK - a noted leader of the Congress Party. Perron is billeted in the Sergeants' quarters at the hospital and is well received until they become aware of his association with Merrick, at which point there is a decisive chill in the air. Sarah is shocked to learn that Merrick will be marrying her sister Susan.

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