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The Jewel in the Crown - Series 1
Episode 10 - An Evening at the Maharanee's

Aired - 06 March 1984

Episode summary:

Sarah travels to Bombay to meet her father, Colonel John Layton, who has been freed from his prisoner of war camp. Colonel Layton is concerned as to the well-being of a Havildar from his Regiment who apparently joined the Frei Hind, the Nazi version of the Indian National Army who fought with the Japanese. The officer in charge of the case is Major Ronald Merrick and he takes sadistic delight in belittling and degrading the Havildar during interviews. Sgt. Guy Peron from Field Security is in Bombay to attend a party where it has been reported there has been much discussion of planned military operation. Drafted as a witness to Merrick's interview of the Havildar, the Major takes a liking to him and decides to have Peron transferred to his staff. Peron was a student at Chillingborough and new Hari Kumar.

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