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School Days - Series 1
Episode 11 - Everybody's Makoto

Aired - 15 September 2007

Episode summary:

Sekai is absent from school for several days, saddened by Setsuna's abrupt departure for France and Makoto's videotaped betrayal with Otome. It is revealed that Hikari has begun having sex with Makoto, who has not seen or attempted to contact Sekai since she started to be absent from school. Kotonoha is still in her lifeless, emotionally broken state, continuously phones and sends text messages to Makoto even though she is blocked. Natsumi, Kumi, and Minami want to know what it's like "having" Makoto, so the next day, they go to Makoto's house and they presumably have sex with him, though it was not shown. While scrolling through old text messages between herself, Setsuna, and Makoto, Sekai suddenly rushes to the bathroom and vomits. Concluding that she is pregnant, she goes to school to inform Makoto, loudly declaring for all in the class to hear that it is his child and insists he take responsibility. One by one, all the girls start to ignore Makoto, though Sekai warms to the fact that she is carrying his child. Kotonoha makes another call on her phone to Makoto, saying that she is waiting for him under the tree by the train station. Otome shows up at Makoto's apartement and tells him that he has changed from the Makoto she knew in Middle School, and not for the better. Afterwards, Makoto goes out for a walk and tries to call every girl in his speed dial, but finds all his calls have been blocked. He ends up where Kotonoha has been waiting for him, and upon seeing her current state, finally realizes the damage he's done to her. He apologizes to Kotonoha and hugs her; life returns to Kotonoha's eyes and she smiles warmly.

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