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Premier :: 2002-01-01

Airs :: Daily 5:00 PM on PBS

Genre :: Animation

Cyberchase poster
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Cyberchase chronicles the adventures of three extraordinary kids, collectively called the CyberSquad: Matt, the leader Jackie the CyberSquad's resident fashion guru, and Inez,with a lot of questions in her mind (and she hates being called Nezzie). At the beginning of the series, Matt, Jackie and Inez, through a set of extraordinary circumstances, get warped into "Cyberspace" via a library computer in the "Real World." Now all three are involved in a power struggle between the beauteous and wise Motherboard, protectress of all Cyberspace, and the dastardly Hacker, who wishes to become its overlord. With the help of Dr. Marbles and Digit, Motherboard's faithful aides, the kids must save the Internet from Hacker's evil plans using logic and (The most hated subject in the entire history of education¦) mathematics instead of weapons and dramatics to defeat any obstacles in their way!

Latest Episode

Series 9 - Episode 3 - Trash Creep
Aired - 06 November 2013

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+ Series 9

+ Episode - 3 Trash Creep Aired - 06 November 2013
+ Episode - 2 Going Solar Aired - 05 November 2013
+ Episode - 1 An Urchin Matter Aired - 04 November 2013

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