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Walking With Beasts

Premier :: 2001-11-15

on BBC One

Genre :: Animation

Walking With Beasts poster
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Walking with Beasts takes up the story where Walking with Dinosaurs left off. Broadcast in 2001, it told the story of life on Earth from the death of the dinosaurs to the dawn of the age of man. Weird and wonderful creatures, from Woolly Mammoths to birds that ate horses, pushed special effects teams to the limit.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 6 - Mammoth Journey
Aired - 20 December 2001

Episode summary:

The Ice Age has arrived, putting life in the freezer. It is at this time when great herds of Woolly Mammoths live on the plains of what will eventually be the North Sea. As winter arrives, the Mammoth herds head south, moving to greener pastures. It is not an easy journey, especially for the young. Predators are everywhere, and the most dangerous of all are two species of humans that share the Ice Age environments of the mammoths.

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+ Series 1

+ Episode - 6 Mammoth Journey Aired - 20 December 2001
+ Episode - 5 Sabre Tooth Aired - 13 December 2001
+ Episode - 4 Next of Kin Aired - 06 December 2001
+ Episode - 3 Land of Giants Aired - 29 November 2001
+ Episode - 2 Whale Killer Aired - 22 November 2001
+ Episode - 1 New Dawn Aired - 15 November 2001

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