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The Beast (2001)

Premier :: 2001-06-01

on ABC

Genre :: Drama

The Beast (2001) poster


Short-lived drama about a fictional cable news network.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 5 - Travinia ... Life Is But a Dream
Aired - 18 July 2001

Episode summary:

Alice and Tamir are being held captive by the Travinian Resistance Movement, who are looking for the tape Tamir made of the dying man and the mass grave he dug for the poisoned workers. Their contact, Anders, is also a prisoner, and the captors torture him in front of Alice and Tamir in order to find out where the film is hidden, but Tamir, the only one who knows where it is, will not divulge the information. Anders is later killed in front of Alice and Tamir. The Travinian Resistance Movement goes on television and demands a ransom of 6 million dollars for the release of Alice and Tamir, due in three days. Unable to get help from the State Department, Jackson meets with the WNS insurance company representative, who advises Jackson that since the Movement does not exist, the Travinian government is most likely behind the kidnaping, and that challenging the President of Travinia to an on-air encounter would put him in a spotlight he wishes to avoid. On air, Jackson asks the Travin

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