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Merlin The Magical Puppy

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Living by the sea, Merlin spends his days watching the fishermen, chasing sausages (vegetarian ones of course!), digging up gardens and sleeping whenever he can. The bane of Merlin's idyllic existence is Oscar, the ginger cat, who takes every opportunity to torment him. To keep Merlin out of mischief, Ernie the Harbour Master, Merlin's doting owner, decides to buy him a shiny red collar. But contrary to Ernie's hopes this proves to be the start of Merlin's adventures. The collar was found in an antique shop, where it had been languishing for years. Legend has it the collar was made by Merlin the Wizard for his own little puppy who was forever getting lost. He cast a magic spell on it so his puppy could always wish his way home.

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Series 3 - Episode 1 - The Lost Bone
Aired - Air date unknown.

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+ Series 5

+ Episode - 5 Pavadoggi Aired - Air date unknown.
+ Episode - 4 Merlin And The Ghost Aired - Air date unknown.
+ Episode - 2 Merlin The Explorer Aired - Air date unknown.
+ Episode - 1 Merlin : Secret Agent Aired - Air date unknown.

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