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Rome Rise and Fall of an Empire

Premier :: 2008-08-11

on History

Genre :: Documentary

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A thirteen hour series which focuses on the Germanic, Britannic and other barbarian tribal wars with Rome which ultimately led to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. This series is centered on the campaigns and battles with the barbarian tribes and extensive examinations of the reigns of little known Roman emperors and generals. The significance and structures of key barbarian tribes and the roles their leaders played are explored in detail. Territorial changes to the Roman Empire caused by unrelenting wars, plagues, mass starvation's and power struggles are presented in chronological historical context with extensive re-enactments. This series examines how the continuous wars with the barbarians and depletion of resources became a core cause of the Roman Empire's decline and eventual collapse.

Latest Episode

Series 0 - Episode 1 - Modern Marvels: Barbarian Battle Tech
Aired - 12 December 2010

Episode summary:

Barbarians and technology, maybe they're not such a contradiction after all. It's the bow that nearly brought down Rome, and the suspension system that revolutionized the chariot. Barbarians built the forts that held out invaders, and forged the axe that named a country. See inside the shop of one of the world's finest metal workers as he shapes iron ore into a classic Celtic sword. With 21st Century animation rebuild a 1600 year-old hill fort--and show that protecting a village was as easy as digging a ditch. From Modern Marvels Season 13 ep 8.

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