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Empires of Industry

Premier :: 2001-06-25

on History

Genre :: Documentary

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Chronicling the trades and commodities that made America an industrial power: coal, shipbuilding, brewing, textiles and steel. Also: profiles of magnates such as Andrew Carnegie and Henry Kaiser.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 5 - Andrew Carnegie and the Age of Steel
Aired - 27 December 2005

Episode summary:

Andrew Carnegie and the Age of Steel chronicles the rise of the iron and steel industries in the United States and the personal ascent of immigrant Andrew Carnegie, whose steel company would one day make him the richest man in America. The American iron, and later steel, industries were the backbone of the Industrial Revolution in the United States, supplying the material that would enable the growth of railroads, skyscrapers, war machines and a host of other industries. It is the story of the rise of big industry in the United States, in all its glory, and all its shame. While the steel industry would make men such as Andrew Carnegie wealthy beyond imagination, it would also cripple, maim, and kill those who toiled to keep the furnaces blasting and the steel rolling.

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