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Ice Pilots NWT

Premier :: 2009-11-18

Airs :: Wednesday 10:00 pm on History

Genre :: Documentary

Ice Pilots NWT poster
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What’s it about: This documentary series follows the pilots of the Yellowknife-based Buffalo Airways, which still flies Second World War airplanes to transport people around the north. Reminds us of: Ice Road Truckers in the air. The buzz: Since History Television is using words like “ice pilots,” blizzards” and “frozen lakes,” I’m going to go out on a limb and say this will be like Ice Road Truckers, but with airplanes. Does that mean I won’t watch? Are you kidding?? I’ll be glued to the set. The chance to see pilots dealing with crappy weather, loopy passengers and potentially dangerous cargo – all being shipped around in planes made in the 1940s – is a recipe for disaster. And great TV.

Latest Episode

Series 6 - Episode 5 - Second Chances
Aired - 26 November 2014

Episode summary:

Newly minted copilot Jeff Tapper is excited for his first revenue DC-3, but his inexperience shows when he botches the approach and bounces the landing three times, nearly running off the runway. Meanwhile, for new rampie Prefkar Mony to realize his dream of becoming a DC-3 pilot, he needs to first pass the written IATRA test. He’s been studying for months, but on his first attempt, he fails. With the help of pilot/mechanic Chris Staples, Prefkar retakes the test and passes, but his victory celebration is short-lived when he’s blamed for leaving an expensive shipment of medicine marked “Do Not Freeze” in a courier van during a minus 30 weekend. Later, Mikey and Katie decide to find Joe a new dog and choose Muffy, a three-year-old dog from the SPCA who is ready to leave her pups. They bring her back to the hangar for a test drive. Joe brings DC-3 CUE out of retirement to test fly the plane for Buffalo’s summer sked duty and he brings along Jeff—and Muffy—to see if they’re Buffalo material.

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+ Series 6

+ Episode - 6 Big Plans, Bad Luck Aired - 04 December 2014
+ Episode - 5 Second Chances Aired - 26 November 2014
+ Episode - 4 Checkflight Aired - 19 November 2014
+ Episode - 3 Old Dogs Aired - 12 November 2014
+ Episode - 2 Ice Storm Aired - 05 November 2014
+ Episode - 1 A Ball O'Snags Aired - 29 October 2014

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