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The Borgias

Premier :: 2011-04-03

on Showtime

Genre :: Drama

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The Borgias is a complex, unvarnished portrait of one of history's most intriguing and infamous dynastic families. The series begins as Rodrigo schemes his way into the position of Pope, causing him, his two Machiavellian sons Cesare and Juan, and his scandalously beautiful daughter Lucrezia, to become the most powerful and influential family of the Italian Renaissance.

Latest Episode

Series 3 - Episode 10 - The Prince
Aired - 16 June 2013

Episode summary:

Alexander and Cesare are reconciled at last. The Papal Armies have been fortified with the money saved from the Crusade and the proceeds of the Jubilee. Cesare marches his fearsome army to finish what Juan started - lay siege to Forli. Micheletto reappears. Following a scuffle with Cesare, a drunken Alfonso is near death and Lucrezia turns to her potions to end his life painlessly. Cesare vows that Lucrezia will now be his for good.

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+ Series 3

+ Episode - 11 Aired - Air date unknown.
+ Episode - 10 The Prince Aired - 16 June 2013
+ Episode - 8 Tears of Blood Aired - 02 June 2013
+ Episode - 6 Relics Aired - 19 May 2013
+ Episode - 3 Siblings Aired - 28 April 2013
+ Episode - 2 The Purge Aired - 21 April 2013

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Written by :- JeromeWetzelTV Date added 2012-06-25 00:00:00 View more The Borgias.
A The Borgias reviews item imageShowtime's The Borgias concluded its second season last week with "The Confession." Rodrigo (Jeremy Irons) mourns the death of son, Juan (David Oakes), coming not long after losing a younger son, and is disturbed that his other children don't seem nearly as upset about the murder as he is. When Rodrigo vows to find the killer, Cesare (François Arnaud) realizes he must come clean, admitting ...read more
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