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Premier :: 2001-04-05

on TV Tokyo

Genre :: Action

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"Make a pilgrimage for the past with me." It is these words, together with a haunting melody from her past, that draw professional assassin Mireille Bouquet into a partnership with Japanese schoolgirl Kirika Yumura, an amnesiac whose instinctive killing skills match Mireille's own abilities. Pursued by relentless and vigilant foes, Kirika and Mireille form a partnership code-named Noir, and begin a quest to discover the truths of their pasts, truths that could lead to their deaths.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 26 - Birth
Aired - 27 September 2001

Episode summary:

Mireille and Kirika have overcome everything that the Soldats have thrown at them, and proven themselves truly worthy of the name Noir. But there is one last piece of business they must take care of at the manor- a final face off with Altena, the woman who has been manipulating their lives from the very beginning. But will this showdown set them free, or is it just the last move in Altena's game?

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+ Series 1

+ Episode - 26 Birth Aired - 27 September 2001
+ Episode - 24 Dark Return Aired - 13 September 2001
+ Episode - 22 Journey's End Aired - 30 August 2001
+ Episode - 10 The True Noir Aired - 08 June 2001
+ Episode - 6 Lost Kitten Aired - 11 May 2001
+ Episode - 5 Les Soldats Aired - 04 May 2001
+ Episode - 2 Daily Bread Aired - 13 April 2001

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