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Harry's Law

Premier :: 2011-01-17

on NBC

Genre :: Drama

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A series about fate and the people it brings together, starring Academy Award winner Kathy Bates (Harriet (Bates), Matthew (Ben Chaplin) and Malcolm (Aml Ameen) couldn't be any more different. Harriet is a curmudgeonly ex-patent lawyer who, having just been fired from her cushy job, is completely disillusioned with her success and looking for a fresh start. Her world unexpectedly collides with Malcolm's -- a young man trying to figure out life. When he finds out Harriet is a lawyer, he begs her to represent him in an upcoming criminal case. Matthew, a dreamer at heart and also recently fired from his job as a high school teacher, is introduced to Harriet through Malcolm, a previous student of his. When these three cross paths, they realize they're all looking for a fresh start. Now, the most unlikely of people are starting a law practice in the most unlikely of places -- a rundown shoe store.

Latest Episode

Series 2 - Episode 22 - Onward and Upward
Aired - 27 May 2012

Episode summary:

Series Finale: Harry's ex-husband is found dead and with no one else to claim his body, Harry finds herself planning his funeral which, to her surprise, stirs up old emotions. Meanwhile, she and Tommy agree to represent a man whom police suspect murdered his ex-wife. Elsewhere, Ollie seeks Cassie's help in representing a student who is suing the Law School that rejected her application due to affirmative action quotas and Adam goes up against Phoebe when he represents a man who was fired because he habitually popped his false teeth in and out of his mouth.

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+ Series 2

+ Episode - 20 Class War Aired - 06 May 2012
+ Episode - 17 The Contest Aired - 15 April 2012
+ Episode - 16 The Lying Game Aired - 08 April 2012
+ Episode - 14 Les Horribles Aired - 18 March 2012
+ Episode - 11 Gorilla My Dreams Aired - 11 January 2012
+ Episode - 10 Purple Hearts Aired - 07 December 2011
+ Episode - 9 Head Games Aired - 30 November 2011
+ Episode - 8 Insanity Aired - 16 November 2011
+ Episode - 7 American Girl Aired - 09 November 2011
+ Episode - 6 The Rematch Aired - 02 November 2011
+ Episode - 5 Bad to Worse Aired - 19 October 2011
+ Episode - 4 Queen of Snark Aired - 12 October 2011
+ Episode - 3 Sins of the Father Aired - 05 October 2011
+ Episode - 2 There Will Be Blood Aired - 28 September 2011
+ Episode - 1 Hosanna Roseanna Aired - 21 September 2011

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Written by :- Charisse V Date added 2011-09-26 00:00:00 View more Harry's Law.
A Harry's Law news item image“Harry’s Law,” starring Emmy nominated Kathy Bates will be available for encore episodes airing on NBC’s on Saturday nights.  The episodes will air from 8:00-9:00 pm, ET with the first on September 24, 2011.  NBC replayed the second season premiere with the episode, “Hosanna Roseanna,” which originally aired on Wednesday, September 21, 2011.  Seve...read more
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Written by :- JeromeWetzelTV Date added 2012-03-13 00:00:00 View more Harry's Law.
A Harry's Law reviews item image"After the Lovin'" returns NBC's Harry's Law to where it belongs: on air. Adam (Nathan Corddry) is upset when Harry (Kathy Bates) accepts a settlement from her former colleage, Sam (Christian Clemenson, Boston Legal, CSI: Miami), after he completely reverses position. Has Sam reevaluated his priorities due to a nail in the head, or is it brain damage? Tommy's (Christopher McDonald) girlfriend, wel...read more
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