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Premier :: 2006-01-03

Airs :: Tuesday 25:30

Genre :: Animation

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Haruo is an ordinary junior high school student who leads a peaceful life with his three sisters. One morning, he sees a cute girl across the street who vanishes in a gust of wind. From this point on, his peaceful life becomes anything but peaceful, as ordinary, boring days suddenly take a turn into chaos. In the end of the story, it is revealed that since the elders can't contain the demon lord's (Haruo) overwhelming power, they have set up Hongō-sensei as the witch to cast the magic spell to reverse the flow of time, and makes the world repeat itself everytime the power is released. She will die each time the process is done because the power of the demon lord is so strong, and this will activate a replacement of her as it is also revealed she is a cyborg.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 13 - Is it Really the Last Episode?
Aired - 01 April 2006

Episode summary:

To save Haruo, Ayumi and the girls travel to Ayumi's home to confront Michiru, who has absorbed all of Haruo's demonic magic powers. Michiru proves to be too strong for Ayumi and co. to handle, but suddenly, Haruo, as the Demon Lord, awakens and forms a large dome of energy around him. Many questions will be answered as Ayumi and the witches try to return Haruo to his original form by reversing time!

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