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After The First 48

Premier :: 2010-10-07

Airs :: Thursday 10:00 PM on A&E

Genre :: Documentary

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A&E brings the critically acclaimed Real-Life series, AFTER THE FIRST 48™ , back for more action-packed drama this fall. After The First 48 revisits some of the most powerful cases originally featured on The First 48 and features exclusive interviews with detectives, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and families of victims. After The First 48 takes viewers through the dramatic and emotional inside story; from the investigation, to the murder trial itself, the verdict and beyond. In the second season premiere episode, “Letters of Intent / Family Friend,” After the First 48 features a case out of Dallas, TX in 2007. Darell Billingslea, a two-time convicted murderer out on parole, is charged with brutally attacking and killing twenty-two-year old Jessica Lewalling in a jealous rage. Prosecutor Jennifer Bennett is determined to make sure Billingslea will not slip through the system again. And in February 2007, thirty-six-year old Antoine, "Tony" Hamilton was found shot dead, and left behind a vacant house. His friend, Carlos Mitchell, confessed to the crime. Prosecutor Jenni Morse thought she had a slam dunk case, until the verdict in a similar case shook her confidence in getting a conviction.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 7 - Return to Sender/Left Behind
Aired - 18 November 2010

Episode summary:

In July of 2008, Dallas homicide detectives responded to a shooting on a dark service road on the south side of Dallas. The innocent victim, 19-year old Mikael Hudson, had been killed by a single gunshot fired from a vehicle in pursuit of he and his friends. The two suspects left a trail of evidence that ultimately led to their apprehension and arrest. Prosecutor Andrea Moseley was determined that both defendants would receive equal punishment. In August of 2005, Phoenix homicide detectives discovered the body of pregnant, 20-year old Virginia Rodriguez, who had been murdered, burned and then left to decompose in her apartment for over a week. For over two years detectives pursued her husband, the man they suspected of killing her, who had fled to his native country of Mexico with their two young children. He was finally caught and extradited to the US, but Prosecutor Treena Kay had concerns about getting a conviction.

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