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Amazon Abyss

Premier :: 2005-04-01

on BBC

Genre :: Documentary

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Follow the high-adrenaline adventures of a team of divers as they explore and film the depths of the Amazon river system – home to many of the strangest and fiercest creatures in the world. Led by celebrated wildlife photographers Mike deGruy and Kate Humble, the team goes in search of the biological treasures hidden beneath Amazon's silty surface. What they discover – electric eels, anacondas, wood-eating fish, freshwater dolphins and more – are unlike anything you'd find at the local aquarium. But the surrounding jungle holds secrets, as well. From frightening, 140-lb. semi-aquatic rodents to the frolicsome giant otter, the labyrinthine tributaries and offshoots of the Amazon yield encounters as spectacular as the river itself.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 5 - Episode 5
Aired - 08 April 2005

Episode summary:

Kate Humble and Mike DeGruy end their exploration of the Amazon with a dive into a 100 metre chasm. They have no idea what to expect lurking on the river bed so at first underwater robots take cameras deep into the abyss. As the expedition draws to a close the team prepares to jump into the depths of the river to film the extraordinary fish that lie in the depths.

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+ Episode - 5 Episode 5 Aired - 08 April 2005
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+ Episode - 3 Episode 3 Aired - 06 April 2005
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+ Episode - 1 Episode 1 Aired - 04 April 2005

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