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Premier :: 2005-09-24

on ITV

Genre :: Drama

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Afterlife is a paranormal thriller television series about a woman named Alison Mundy. She is a reluctant medium, troubled by her gift. During a clairvoyant evening she encounters university lecturer and psychologist Robert Bridge. Robert decides to research her for a book he is writing and with a view to "curing" her, as he believes that all mediums are either charlatans or delusional. Unfortunately for him Alison is the real thing and exposes him to things which no matter how hard he tries he cannot explain away with his science.

Latest Episode

Series 2 - Episode 8 - A Name Written In Water
Aired - 11 November 2006

Episode summary:

With Robert in a coma at the hospital, Alison rushes to his bedside, finding Jude there, who is less than happy to see her. Whilst in the hospital, waiting, the psychic witnesses a strange nurse wandering the corridors. This is confirmed by many of the workers, who have heard rumours about this unusual being. Why is she there - and does she mean the end for Robert?

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+ Series 2

+ Episode - 7 Things Forgotten Aired - 04 November 2006
+ Episode - 5 Mirrorball Aired - 21 October 2006
+ Episode - 4 Your Hand In Mine Aired - 07 October 2006
+ Episode - 3 Lullaby Aired - 30 September 2006
+ Episode - 2 The Rat Man Aired - 23 September 2006
+ Episode - 1 Roadside Bouquets Aired - 16 September 2006

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