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Play School (1966)

Premier :: 1966-07-18

Airs :: Daily 9:30 on ABC

Genre :: Children

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Play School is Australia's most successful regular television program for pre-school children. It goes to air every weekday throughout the year on ABC1 at 9.30 am and at 3.00 pm and on ABC2 at 2.00 pm. Play School aims to encourage a child to wonder, to think, to feel and to imagine. The program shows two warm, caring people taking the time to be with one child. They address the child directly and personally. Into this relationship are woven the stories, songs and activities that form the fabric of Australian children's culture. Play School is successful because it satisfies our basic human need to interact with other people and to be valued by them. Play School aims to extend the child's interest and it encourages participation. Each program contains a story, some songs (both traditional and new) and a variety of play ideas with things to make and do. Each week has a theme which is developed in different ways depending on the day. The daily format usually includes the Calendar, the Clock and a look outside Play School via the Windows.

Latest Episode

Series 291 - Episode 5 - Patterns (Friday)
Aired - 25 April 2014

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