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Supersize vs Superskinny

Premier :: 2008-01-22

Airs :: Thursday 8:00 PM on Channel 4

Genre :: Reality

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Faddy foods, slimming products, diet surgery and extreme weight loss regimes, the UK has gone diet mad! But alongside every new celeb diet launch we're continually bombarded with confusing food scares and health warnings about the serious dangers of being superslim, so it's no wonder our relationship with food is becoming increasingly dysfunctional. Each hour-long programme, presented by Dr Christian Jessen, will feature a short diet swap between two contributors – all of whom have been medically assessed prior to filming – with wildly contrasting eating habits. The show will see a superskinny undereater swap diet and lifestyle with an overweight overeater. The aim of the five day swap is to make them realise they both have a dysfunctional relationship with food – that eating too much is just as bad as undereating. The swap will kick start a whole new regime of balanced and healthy eating that is meant to re-educate them and transform their relationship with food and weight. Watch out also for Anna Richardson trying out some faddy and celeb dieting and see if Gillian McKeith can win her campaign to reduce the size of the nation's bums.

Latest Episode

Series 7 - Episode 7 - Joseph vs Rebecca
Aired - 27 February 2014

Episode summary:

In the Feeding Clinic, Joseph, a 22 and a half stone honey nut cereal addict, swaps meals with Superskinny breakfast-skipping runner Rebecca who weighs in at just seven and a half stone. During the diet swap, Rebecca breaks down after reading a letter from her dad, realising just how worried he is about her health, while Joseph is horrified when Dr Christian shows him the huge amounts of salt and sugar in his cereal packed diet. Before Rebecca and Joseph enter the feeding clinic, Dr Christian sends Joseph to Arkansas, America to meet an overweight internet sensation: 37 and a half stone, Boogie. Although Boogie makes fun of his figure in online comedy videos, he's deeply distressed at his size and is devastated he won't be able to dance with his bride on his wedding day. Plus, former anorexia sufferer and journalist Emma Woolf concludes her two-part investigation into the prevalence of eating disorders among athletes as she meets a triathlete who conquered both anorexia and bulimia.

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