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Premier :: 2000-04-01


Genre :: Animation

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ShounenSet in an alternative 1969 Japan, a special group of teenagers has been gathered together under a secret government operation known as Aegis, to fight an enemy trying to take over the earth... called simply, "Invader". The Invader can turn ordinary citizens into zombies under their control, and only the Aegis agents, called the Gatekeepers, have the special ability to open the "Gate" separating the Invader's dimension and our own, and be able to eradicate them. The show opens with ordinary high school student Ukiya Shun witnessing an Invader attack, and quickly realizing that he is one of those with special power, is indoctrinated into Aegis. Each agent has a different ability and method of attack, everything from magic arrows to hallucinogenic piano music! Also crucial to story is young Ruriko, an experienced member of Aegis who has to work hard to prove her worth after the obviously powerful Shun joins the team. To make matters worse, the two had gone to grade school together,

Latest Episode

Series 2 - Episode 6 - Sound Of Feathers
Aired - 25 July 2003

Episode summary:

Reiji, Yukino, and Satoka gaze, from a safe distance, at the mammoth Invader machine growing larger by the minute. Reiji says it's hopeless, but they must fight anyway. Miu visits Ayane, who's still in a coma. Miu confesses to the silent Ayane her weakness and her dream of flight. Reiji harms himself fighting the winged Invaders. Satoka raises a huge blade from her Gate and foolishly plunges into the attackers. Yukino teleports to the top of the Invader machine, right next to Ghost Girl. Ghost Girl reveals that her Gate of Disappearance made her what she is. The two face off. Yukino's ice pierces Ghost Girl but doesn't harm her. However, Ghost Girl's blast knocks Yukino off the Invader construct. Miu flies up and catches Yukino, but Yukino's deeply wounded. Yukino disappears in Miu's arms, leaving behind only the uniform Miu gave her. Miu flies up to fight the Invaders, but her power leaves her half way up and she plummets to the ground. She lies surrounded by winged Invaders. Meanwhil

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+ Series 2

+ Episode - 5 Miu Aired - 24 July 2003
+ Episode - 4 Ayane Aired - 23 July 2003
+ Episode - 3 Late Summer Aired - 22 January 2003
+ Episode - 2 Mad Dash Aired - 18 July 2003
+ Episode - 1 Encounter Aired - 17 July 2003

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