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Raymond Blanc's Kitchen Secrets - Series 2
Episode 2 - Cakes and Pastries

Aired - 15 November 2013

Episode summary:

In this episode Raymond pays tribute to the sweetly satisfying extravagance of cakes and pastries. To kick off, a feather-light lemon tea cake, generously coated in sticky apricot jam and a tangy lemon glaze. Next pure chocolate indulgence - crisp, fluffy choux pastry filled with a cooling chocolate cream and covered with a glossy chocolate icing. The secrets of the perfect macarons - the fashionable and delectable almond based pastries - are shared and used to decorate a flourless chocolate cake. For the finale, Piece Montee Croquembouche: the quintessential French celebration cakes that stand a metre tall. Raymond also goes to Paris to visit protégé and world famous patissiere Laurent Duchene.

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