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Premier :: 1998-09-29

on The WB

Genre :: Drama

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This coming-of-age drama tracked the experiences of the naive Felicity Porter, who moves across the country to New York to attend college and pursue her high school crush, Ben Covington. The show followed Felicity and her new friends as they made the transition to adulthood and dealt with an endless slew of crises. Felicity airs back-to-back episodes on WE (Women's Entertainment) weeknights at 6 PM Eastern/3 PM Pacific. WB Broadcast History September 1998 - May 1999: Tuesdays 9:00 PM September 1999 - February 2000: Sundays 8:00 PM April 2000 - May 2002: Wednesdays 9:00 PM

Latest Episode

Series 4 - Episode 21 - Felicity Interrupted
Aired - 22 May 2002

Episode summary:

Felicity tries to convince Noel that she wants to be with him. She finally tells him that she travelled through time for him. He becomes very worried about her mental health. Felicity again asks Meghan to undo the time travel spell. Meghan is still skeptical, but gives her a book. Ben decides to leave school and travel across the country with Julie. Noel shares his concerns about Felicity with Ben. Ben finds Felicity working on a spell. She confirms that she is a time traveller, and tries to prove it by telling him about his father's illness and Lauren. Ben and Noel determine that Felicity may be experiencing psychosis. She agrees to see a doctor, who places her in a psychiatric ward for observation. Felicity meets Zoe in the hospital. After she is able to provide details about Zoe's life without having previously met her, Felicity realizes that she is not crazy. She calls Ben, who still doesn't believe her. However, he then receives a call from Lauren about his father.

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+ Series 4

+ Episode - 17 The Graduate Aired - 24 April 2002
+ Episode - 13 Kiss and Tell Aired - 27 March 2002
+ Episode - 12 Future Shock Aired - 20 March 2002
+ Episode - 11 A Perfect Match Aired - 19 December 2001
+ Episode - 10 Fire Aired - 12 December 2001
+ Episode - 9 Moving On Aired - 05 December 2001
+ Episode - 7 The Storm Aired - 21 November 2001
+ Episode - 5 Boooz Aired - 07 November 2001
+ Episode - 4 Miss Conception Aired - 31 October 2001
+ Episode - 1 The Declaration Aired - 10 October 2001

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