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100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd

Premier :: 1999-10-01

on Nickelodeon

Genre :: Family

100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd poster


Schoolyard bully, Eddie McDowd (Jason Dohring), is punished by a man called The Drifter because of his behavior. He finds himself very attractive and powerful and so he bullies others without mercy. The Drifter plans to make him pay for his wrongdoings and turns him into an Australian Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix, informing him that he has to do 100 good deeds before he can be changed back. Besides The Drifter, the only one who can hear him talk is Justin Taylor, who was the last kid he bullied. Now he must work alongside Justin and his family to finish his good deeds and become human once again.

Latest Episode

Series 3 - Episode 8 - Lost and Found
Aired - 21 April 2002

Episode summary:

Eddie's finding it harder and harder to do deeds. He gets fed up with it and regresses back to his old bad ways. The Drifter can't control him and is put on suspension by the Drifter Council. Meanwhile while Tori is recording a demo tape Eddie pushes over her recording device. When she plays the tape it's backwards and it reveals an unfamiliar voice...Eddie's. While Eddie's rampaging the neighborhood his Drifter is expelled and can no longer help Eddie or even remember him. Tori finally gets Justin to confess his secret about Eddie's ability to talk.She's amazed by it and starts following him around with a microphone and recorder.The Drifter gets his job back since Eddie's selfless acts to save him were signs that he had changed. Eddie picks up deed #60 and requests that he not have to deal with Tori's constant interviewing. The Drifter casts a spell to make it so...too bad Eddie wasn't specific in his request. Tori can't find her microphone but she won't be needing it...she can hear h

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