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Russia's War: Blood Upon The Snow

Premier :: 1997-11-09

on PBS

Genre :: Documentary

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This is a massive and extremely well integrated series of documentaries that exhaustively depicts, explains, and examines the nature of the Soviet society at the time of the great patriotic struggle (as they called it) against the Nazi forces that invaded Russia during World War Two. It finds its beginnings in the post-revolutionary struggles of the Russian civil war, and the Russian resolve to be better prepared for the next inevitable invasion from the west which communist doctrine taught them to always expect. As a consequence the Russians painstakingly and consistently rebuilt their forces and manufactured arms and armaments to prepare for that terrible prospect. Of course, they also sabotaged their own interests along the way, in a story that one has to know the Russian mindset well to fully appreciate.Yet the series does much more than give us a skeletal overview of the nature of Russian preparedness and the eventual invasion by the Wehrmacht in operation Barbarossa in June

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 1 - The Darkness Descends
Aired - 09 November 1997

Episode summary:

The first episode covers the rise of Josef Stalin, who gained power despite cautionary statements by Lenin before he died. It discusses the violence Stalin dealt to his own people, including the downtrodden peasants, political foes, officers of the Red Army, and anyone else he considered to be an enemy. Henry Kissinger provides narration for the series.

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