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Premier :: 1983-05-01

Airs :: Sunday 8:00 PM on NBC

Genre :: Drama

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They came to Earth, disguised as friends. But instead, they took our water and our people for food. But there is a Resistance... to save our people and our planet. These are the stories of this Resistance...

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Series 1 - Episode 3 - Breakout
Aired - 24 May 1985

Episode summary:

Mike and Ham try to rescue Sean, but are captured and taken to a Visitor work camp. Diana threatens Bates and offers his son Kyle (Jeff Yagher) for Elizabeth. Turns out Kyle is also at the work camp, which is surrounded by a sand moat where predatory crivits live. Robin (Blair Tefkin) is also at the camp. They escape using a shorted-out wire and pieces of a garden hose, but Robin is separated from them. Diana has come to see Kyle, and he diverts her from the escape by seducing her. Once she sees what’s going on, he is able to escape. Meanwhile, Elias lets Elizabeth play the piano at the Club Creole, but a Visitor recognizes the Mark of Zon on her hand and pursues her. She uses her powers to protect herself.

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