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1900 House (UK)

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The Bowlers, a thoroughly modern family of six, were selected from over 400 families around the UK, to embark on a unique time travel journey to 1900. For three months they swap the luxury of 1999 for a life of urban Victorian domesticity.

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Series 0 - Episode 2 - The 1900 House — A Year to Remember
Aired - 28 December 1999

Episode summary:

From the comfort of a modern home the Bowler family reflect on their three extraordinary months spent as time travelers. Although they left the 1900 House in June, the memories are still strong as they recall the highs and lows of the experience. "No rose coloured glasses here," says Joyce Bowler, "There were fantastic times but there were also days when I hated every minute of it." Among their reflections the Bowlers describe the emotional roller coaster they rode during their 90 days as Victorians and how, 6 months on, they feel stronger for the experience. The recent broadcast of the series has stirred other memories too. Colin Gidden of Sutton Coldfield describes how he was "totally gob-smacked" to discover that, out of the millions of homes considered for the experiment, his grandmother's house had been selected. In an emotional trip Colin revisits 50 Elliscombe Road for the first time in over 50 years. "I take my hat off to the Bowlers, they deserved medals for living here. It's very close to how I remember it from my very first visit as a school boy," recalls Colin. This Christmas special also reveals a bizarre crime of passion that unfolded in Elliscombe Road at the turnoff the century. Directly opposite the 1900 House stands Number 53, where a wife shot her husband dead in June of 1900. The case caused scandal in its day as the court hearing revealed the accused was in a bigamous marriage. Almost a century later, over 20 families were auditioned for the role of living in the 1900 House and the runners up, the Griffiths family of Gloucestershire, give their verdict on how the Bowlers fared and how they themselves might have coped with the experience. As 50 Elliscombe Road awaits new occupants for the next millennium, The 1900 House — A Year to Remember closes the final chapter in this unique and fascinating story.

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