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The Toy Castle

Premier :: 2000-09-01

Airs :: Daily 6:00 AM on TVO

Genre ::

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It was April 2003, and America desperately needed a boost. The country had lost too many people in too short a time (including Fred Rogers). Nothing on television looked good. Then relief came, as Detroit Public Television (DPTV) imported The Toy Castle from Canada. Here is its exquisite premise: Two children (the real-life daughter of the executive producer and son of the director) put their toys away before bed. Among the figurines in their collection are a Soldier, a Sailor, a Strongman, a Clown, a Goblin, a Ballerina, a China Doll and a Rag Doll. Only when the kids are asleep do these toys come to life. And they're not the only ones who have adventures. A few surprises crop up, such as a Mouse Family and sibling Frogs. Despite their 18th-century period wear, Frederick and Freda Frog are both funky siblings (as they used to say on a

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 1 - Duck, Duck, Goose / Cinderella / Cake Walk
Aired - Air date unknown.

Episode summary:

IEPISODE 101 A. DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE Rag Doll loves to play games with her friends but only if they play by her rules. She soon catches on that it's much more fun for everyone when you play fair and you share. Characters: Soldier, Rag Doll, Strongman, Clown B. CINDERELLA Sailor puts on the play ""Cinderella"" for the Ballerina. Sailor and Strongman play the two ugly sisters and discover that being jealous is no fun for anyone. Ballerina as Cinderella, and Soldier as the Prince dance happily together. Characters: Soldier, Ballerina, Strongman, Sailor C. CAKE WALK Freda and Frederick Frog love to do the ""Cake Walk"" dance, and when they show Soldier how, he realizes that trying new things can be lots of fun! Characters: Soldier, Ballerina, Freda Frog, Frederick Frog

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