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The Insiders Guide to Happiness

Premier :: 2004-05-01

Airs :: Thursday 9:30 PM on TVNZ

Genre :: Drama

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Welcome to The Insiders Guide to Happiness guide at TV Tome. The Insiders Guide to Happiness is not a 'cops or docs' show, but a quirky, contemporary urban television drama with strong, believable and distinctly Kiwi characters. 'The Insiders Guide to Happiness' is a series based around a diverse group of people whose lives become inextricably inter-linked. It has young, modern authentic characters and story-lines based around their urban world. The series looks at life, love and above all, the every-day pursuit of happiness. It uses an exciting mix of modern storytelling techniques, including time-jumps, voice over narration and multiple storylines. We follow the lives of eight individuals each on their own separate journey. Their narratives at first appear disconnected from each other but set off by one spectacular inciting incident (an ambulance crash) their stories increasingly inter-weave and intersect as each character influences the others' fates. 'The Insiders G

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 13 - You Are Happy
Aired - 12 August 2004

Episode summary:

Tess tells Matthew that she's pregnant, but his joy is tempered by a sighting of the (dead) Old Monk. When the monk confronts Matthew in a shop, he tells him that it is time to 'come home'. Shocked and frightened that the monk is warning him of impending death, Matthew locks himself in a room, desperate to avoid this fate. But the monk appears in the room with him, and Matthew panics, thinking he's having a heart attack. Tess helps him rush to hospital. However on the way they get caught in a huge traffic snarl-up and Matthew jumps out to walk. He soon encounters the source of the traffic jam: Tim, threatening to blow himself up. Tim has decided the solar eclipse signifies that 'it is time'. He follows Sam, who is rushing Julie to hospital to have the baby, and creates a traffic jam, With plastic explosives strapped to his body.

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