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Return to Eden

Premier :: 1983-06-01

on Network Ten

Genre :: Drama

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Welcome to the Return to Eden guide at TV Tome. Return to Eden started off as a mini series in 1983 and returned in 1986 for a 22 part series. Central characters to both series were Stephanie Harper and Jilly Stewart. Stephanie and Jilly had been friends before Greg Marsden came between them and in the second series it was revealed they were in fact sisters. Jilly was the Australian version of Alexis Colby from Dynasty but got up to much worse things than Alexis. The second series took up 7 years on from where the mini series ended. The series was Australia's Dynasty or Dallas and was shown on the ITV network in the UK.

Latest Episode

Series 2 - Episode 22 - Series 2 Episode 22
Aired - 09 July 1986

Episode summary:

The mystery man leaves a torn photo on a sleeping Stephanie's pillow. Jake and Jilly check out Revenge's form and Jilly urges Jake to forget the bet and leave now but he refuses. Jake tells Jilly a disqualification in the race would mean the other person won and Jilly gets an idea. Dennis proposes to Cassie and he wants to borrow $60,000 from her to bet on the race to set up their future. Jilly takes the company payroll and prepares to leave on her own. At the airport she receives a phone call from the mystery man who tells her we can still win this one. This prompts her to stay. Jake and Stephanie sign a contract making the bet legal and Stephanie tells Jake she will have to redecorate the office when she wins. Dennis catches Jilly trying to drug Tara's Pride and when the police show up Jilly says she was asleep at the time. After Tara's Pride is moved Jilly offers Cassie $250,000 to tell her where the horse has been moved to. Dennis taunts Jilly and he tells Cassie where Tara's Prid

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